The Last Song - Movie Review

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Older children to adults






March 31, 2010


Miley Cyrus, Greg Kinnear, Kelly Preston, Liam Hemsworth, Bobby Coleman, and Hallock Beals


Julie Anne Robinson


Walt Disney Pictures

The Last Song is a touching story of Ronnie, a rebellious teenage girl who spends the summer with her estranged father, Steve, only to learn family secrets as well as forgiveness. 

Ronnie (Miley Cyrus) and her younger brother, Jonah, are dropped off at their father’s beach house. They have not seen their father (Greg Kinnear) in a few years since he and their mom divorced. 

Ronnie is a classical pianist protégé who refuses to play since her parent’s separation. She and her father argue constantly while young Jonah and Steve bond as they make a stained glass window for the local church which recently burned down. Most everyone in town blames Steve for the fire. Steve himself was in the building but had fallen asleep. 

Ronnie meets a young man, Will (Liam Hemsworth), and they start a romance, which softens Ronnie. Soon, however, family secrets come out in both Will and Ronnie’s family. Will knows who actually accidentally set the fire but hasn’t revealed it, letting the town think it was Steve instead. Finally, Steve has a secret he is keeping from his two children. 

The Last Song is a very well written, well crafted movie. The story, like many of Sparks’ novels, is dripping with much emotion. The movie moves along at a fast pace, and there are twists and turns that make the story very compelling. 

Miley Cyrus in her first “grown up” movie delivers an engaging performance as the rebellious young woman. Bobby Coleman as the younger brother all but steals the movie in his innocence and heartache at trying to finish the stained glass window without his father’s help. 

The movie features a theme of forgiveness and grace. Ronnie learns that she, along with her family and friends, are all broken people who are “in process.” While there is not an overt mention of faith in God, love and honor is held in high esteem. There are some inspiring redemptive metaphors, however, about the stained glass window 

The Last Song has brief, light foul language. Though Ronnie is rebellious, she doesn’t drink or smoke marijuana as her other friends do. 

This is a movie with serious themes, so caution must be exercised for younger children. It is a soul-stirring tearjerker, one that will leave a viewer emotionally moved.


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